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My name is Cait and I'm 19 and I like books and food and music and some fandoms. I reblog a lot of British Royals and Adventure Time stuff. Sometimes Tumblr is my journal and sometimes I just use it for pictures of cats. If you can't handle frequent drunk-blogging then don't follow me. Spoiler alert: I am a mess

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    Trying to finish the semester like


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    what do you call a sphere full of idiots


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  3. hermit-queen-persephone:


    do not support your friends who turn out to be rapists.
    do not doubt your friends who have been raped.

    unfriend the rapists.
    protect the abused.

    I can’t stress how important this is.

    If you say “it was probably a mistake/misunderstanding.” you are siding with their rapist. If you stay friends with their rapist, you have abandoned them.

    Just know that.

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    me when im drunk

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    First and last appearances

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    "You’re so shy, you should open up more!"



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  12. a-pariah:


    why is the female hero so often tomboyish

    why cant there just be one like oops i chipped my barbie pink nail polish while brutally killing an entire armada of time traveling ninja pirates

    with my hair curler



    found her

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more psychedelic shit on


    more psychedelic shit on

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